Welcome to REBAP Internacional a web site dedicated to provide information in Spanish about
the history and development of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic at the University
of Massachusetts Medical Center and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and

This web site in Spanish highlights the origins of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and
Relaxation program (MBSR) and its expansion through the Spanish-speaking world. It also talks
about the different MBSR/MBCT and other mindfulness-based programs available in Spanish
language in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and rest of Latin America.

Fernando A. de Torrijos, creator of REBAP Internacional website, joined the CFM's professional
team in 1995 as teacher and as director of its satellite inner city clinic. Fernando is a resident of
Worcester, Massachusetts. He has conducted over 4,000 hours of MBSR classes and
professional training programs for the last 20 years in the U.S. and also in Argentina, Mexico,
Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Chile, Spain, Colombia
, Pánama, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In 2009 he was appointed Director of Mindfulness Programs in Psychiatry,
at UMassMemorial Medical Center/University of Massachusetts Medical School
and worked in
this role until his retirement in 2013
, His main role was the development and integration of
mindfulness programs in the department of psychiatry, its clinical applications; professional
training offered regularly to faculty, clinicians, psychiatric residents and medicals students; and
research using the latest technology.

Previously he worked in  one of the largest independent community health centers in the state
of Massachusetts, integrating mindfulness programs complementary to the treatment of patients
with chronic conditions. This community health center provides complete health care services to
over 20,000 low income patients of which 50% are Spanish speaking and 25% Portuguese

Since 1994, a special effort has been made to compile and develop mindfulness-based
materials in Spanish: tape and CD recordings, workbooks, poems, handouts, publicity
pamphlets and other outreach materials; research instruments, professional training manuals,
etc. Some of them are translations and adaptations from already existing materials in English,
others are originals in Spanish. Many individuals from many different countries contributed to
this. In the absents of books this was the only way to move forward.

Finally in Spring 2004,
"Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to
Face Stress, Pain, and Ilness"
by Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D., was published in Spanish by Editorial
Kairós, Barcelona, Spain, with the title:
"Vivir con Plenitud las Crisis: Utilizando la sabiduría del
cuerpo y de la mente para afrontar el estrés, el dolor y la enfermedad"
. This event opened new
possibilities for the expansion and understanding of MBSR in the Spanish speaking world and
its applications within medicine, health care and society.

The PBS series by Bill Moyers
"Healing and the Mind", helped enormously in the dissemination
of MBSR nation wide. This series was dubbed in Spanish by Holograma, a private TV production
company in Argentina, and aired on the Latino-American televisions. The same company did a
two-hour interview about MBSR and mindfulness to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn during our visit to
Buenos Aires in 2000. This interview, one of the best by Dr. Kabat-Zinn, was done in English
with subtitles in Spanish, and was featured several times by Latino-American TV stations.

Information on Mindfulness-Based professional training programs conducted by Fernando de
Torrijos in Spanish and English is available in:
calendario de programas

For further information about Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in English visit the Center for
Mindfulness website:

You can visit also: www.mindfulnessprograms.com

For Jon Kabat-Zinn audio recordings in English contact: www.mindfulnesstapes.com

Disclaimer: These activities/programs in Spanish announced in this website are independently organized  and
don´t have recognized accreditation with the programs offered by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of
Massachusetts Medical School.

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Fernando A. de Torrijos, Director of Mindfulness programs in
psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and
MBSR teacher at the Center for Mindfulness, during one of his
teaching visits to the Krotona Institute in Ojai, California.